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förf:Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 - LIBRIS

This man believes that he is the master of others, and still he is more of a slave than they are. How did that transformation take place? 5 I don’t know. How may the restraints on man become legitimate? Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Du Contrat social (1762) Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778), in his influential 1762 treatise The Social Contract, outlined a different version of social-contract theory, as the foundations of society based on the sovereignty of the ‘general will’.

Rousseau jean-jacques the social contract

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Legitimate political authority, he suggests, comes only from a social The Social Contract. By JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU. Translated and with an Introduction by Willmoore Kendall. Chicago, The Henry Regnery Company, 1954.-xv, 171 pp. $2.75. Willmoore Kendall's new translation of Rousseau's Contrat social departs from the other available versions1 in … Rousseau's solution to the problem of legitimate authority is the "social contract," an agreement by which the people band together for their mutual preservation.


Besök vår webbplats och upptäck hur vi kan hjälpa er. The Social Contract helped inspire political reforms or revolutions in Europe, especially in France. The Social Contract argued against the idea that monarchs were divinely empowered to legislate.

Rousseau jean-jacques the social contract

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Rousseau jean-jacques the social contract

Changing the currency will empty your shopping cart. Confirm Cancel. Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Democracy. 5. The Social Contract  With an Introduction by Derek Matravers.

Författare: Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Format: Pocket; ISBN: 9780141018881; Språk: Engelska; Antal sidor: 176  Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
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Rousseau jean-jacques the social contract

The Social Contract -- Bok 9780141018881 Rousseau domare över Jean-Jacques : dialoger -- Bok 9789127149854  av B Pettersson · 2007 — a study of Rousseau's social contract and Hegel's Philosophy of Right. som för fram denna tes om Rousseaus filosofi i sitt verk Jean jacques Rousseau on.

Discourse on the Origin of Inequality.
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förf:Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 - LIBRIS

I wrote "the social contract". I believe that people should give up their self-interest for the common good.

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‎The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau Book

Köp boken Social Contract And The Discources av Jean-Jacques Rousseau (ISBN 9781857151626)  published as On the Social Contract; or, Principles of Political Rights (French: Du contrat social; ou Principes du droit politique) by Jean-Jacques Rousseau,  This engaging summary presents an analysis of The Social Contract by Jean-​Jacques Rousseau, a political treatise containing the author's reflections on the  In The Social Contract, Rousseau explores the concept of freedom and the political structures that may enable people to acquire it. He argues that the sovereign  Författare: Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Format: Pocket/Paperback; ISBN: 9780141018881; Språk: Engelska; Antal sidor: 176; Utgivningsdatum: 2004-09-​01  Jean-Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract, Rousseau's most comprehensive political work - he called it a 'small treatise' - was condemned on publication  Man was born free, but everywhere he is in chains.” Thus begins Jean-Jacques Rousseau's influential 1762 work, On the Social Contract, a milestone of political​  Bekännelser första-sjätte boken · av Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Bok) 1999, Svenska, För vuxna · Omslagsbild: The social contract av  ISBN: 0140442014; Titel: The social contract; Författare: Rousseau, Jean-​Jacques; Förlag: London : Penguin Books; Utgivningsår: 1968; Språk: English. 6 okt. 2020 — Request PDF | Rousseau at the Roundtable-The Social Contract and the Jean-​Jacques Rousseau, Emile, or Treatise on Education. LIBRIS sökning: forf:(Jean-Jacques Rousseau) Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 (författare); The social contract and Discourses / Jean-Jacques  Engelska 2002]; The social contract [Elektronisk resurs] and, The first and second discourses / Jean-Jacques Rousseau ; edited and with an introduction by  How should society be organised? Can you force someone to be free? Jean-​Jacques Rousseau's controversial The Social Contract is the subject of this podcast  av LA Wolff · 2013 — 1 Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Emile eller om uppfostran.